Study of Hadith Literature in Bangladesh: An Analytical Study

ممارسة علم الحديث في بنغلاديش: دراسة تحليلية


  • Mohammed Solimuddin Salim International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh



Study of Al-Hadith, Islamic Schools, Islamic Universities, Bangladesh


This research aims to discover the history of the study of the Prophet’s Hadith in Bangladesh, the most important educational centers for Hadith science, and their curricula. The research used inductive approach in collecting information related to the research, descriptive approach in presenting information, and comparative approach in presenting specialized materials for Hadith departments in Islamic universities. The research achieved the desired results by collecting information related to the entry of Islam into this region, and studying the Prophet’s hadith in it along with studying other Islamic sciences. It was also found that the centers for studying hadith are divided into two main parts: one of them - Islamic schools, whether they are high schools supported by the government, or privately supported with donations from the Muslim public, and secondly - the departments of Hadith and Islamic Studies under the faculty of Islamic studies in three Islamic universities of Bangladesh, whether these are government or private universities. Finally, the research tries to compare between the curricula of Hadith studies in those universities.


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