Relating Pleasure Principle & Reality Principle to Islamic Concept of Human Life


  • Zubair Zafar Khan Aligarh Muslim University



Pleasure, islam, Psychology, Jannah


A lot of studies conducted till date on comparing the nature of Secular and Islamic Psychology. Since Islam is a religion of nature or we can say it calls man not only to maintain ecological balance but rather a universal balance. These days a lot of people believe that this World is the only Life in which Man has to satisfy all his desires and pleasure, in this very limited time and there is no other chance or other World where Man can satisfy his desires. Therefore, man is becoming more and more materialistic and exploitative these days to full fill his desires which is causing the destructing of natural resources and misbalancing of ecology, this is called Pleasure Principle. But Islam recommends Man to follow Reality Principle instead of Pleasure Principle, which will provide Man a chance to satisfy his desires at advance level. In this paper a fresh study has been conducted comparing Pleasure Principle vs Reality Principle and it is tried to explore the connotation and relevance to both thoughts. 


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